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    Eastern College of Health Vocations is OPEN

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    Our Country is in desperate need of educated, skilled healthcare workers now more than ever! Eastern College of Health Vocations is here to help fill that need. Eastern College of Health Vocations is open and enrolling for Medical Assistant and Dental Assistant classes now. You can do it from home, virtual classes are currently availble until physical classes are able to resume. Make that call, help your country, and change your life forever.

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    Achieve Your Goals

    You want a career that you can build a life around - one that you can take pride in; that makes a difference in your community; and that can offer you and your family greater financial security. A career in healthcare can offer all of those things, and the Eastern College of Health Vocations is the perfect partner to help you attain a degree or certification and achieve employment in your new field.

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    Programs We Offer

    At Eastern College of Health Vocations, our health care programs are designed to prepare students for their careers as medical assistants and dental assistants. We are focused on giving you the right tools at every step, including financial aid assistance and scholarship opportunities; supportive faculty who have practiced in the profession they teach; instruction in resume writing and interviewing; and most importantly job placement assistance. Learn More
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    Costs and Financial Aid

    Find out more information about costs and financial aid options available to you.

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Welcome to Eastern College

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  • Kali B, A Graduate of Eastern College of Health Vocations

    Prior to entering Eastern College I was a mother of one beautiful daughter. My husband worked hard, but were young and just starting out. We needed a second income. When I saw the newspaper ad for enrollment at Eastern College, I immediately called and made an appointment. That called has changed the life of my entire family. I graduated, with honors, was immediately hired and now am able to contribute to the needs of my family. I am thrilled with the excellent skills that I learned at Eastern College. Their method of teaching is the “hands-on” approach. We had actual equipment and practiced, practiced, practiced. The instructors were great—very caring and very professional. I would never have been able to have this life-long career without Eastern College. I am Eastern College EXCELLENT!!

  • Jordan Hegarty, Eastern College Graduate

    As a mother of two children and wife I wanted to provide a better life not just for them, but my family as a whole. Prior to attending Eastern College, I was a Certified Nursing Assistant. I worked long hard physically trying hours to tend to the needs of the patients and nurses. After I had broken my back in August of 2016, I decided to move forward in life to a less physically challenging job to a mentally challenging one. Going through school and graduating with honors was WORK! With the help of such amazing teachers, the work was not as hard as it could of been. Upon graduating, student services worked with me to build an outstanding resume, send it out to companies, and get me placed in a great career, with outstanding pay. I am forever grateful to the outstanding faculty and friends I made there! It has been most certainly life changing for my family and self satisfying! I now have a dependable car, a new home, and a career I have a burning passion for!!! Thank you so much Eastern! (Especially Mrs. Holley!!!! I love you!)

  • Martha Langston Brazier, Eastern College Graduate

    I am a 2004 graduate from Eastern College and I must say the training I got was great! The instructors were very knowledgeable and of tremendous help to all of the students. I would recommend this college to anyone interested in Med. Assisting or Dental Assisting!

  • Myklynn Meyers, Eastern College Student

    I love it here!!!! I have the best instructor Ms. Bundy she is very down to earth. I enjoy learning and can ask the teachers anything for help! Great school

  • Amanda Silk, Eastern College Graduate

    I graduated in 2006 with my medical assisting certificate and in 2012 with my dental assisting certificate I'm now a registered medical assistant and an expanded dental duty assistant. I recommend this college to everyone. My experience here helped show me what my true potential really was. I love my job that Louisiana Dental Center. I’ve been at since my extern.

  • Serena A., Eastern College Graduate

    Eastern college has very professional instructors an just awesome over all. As a dental asst. Grad in 2001 I enjoyed every learning experience that was offered. Also a driving experience from the strawberry capital. to metairie on a daily basis ; over all it paid off. Now I have advanced to a new level. Excellent choice of HIGHER LEARNING. Every staff member an all was so caring an warmhearted. My dental instructor was MS. Nay ..out of this world. (I know she remember me because I was the one drawing funny messages on the chalk board) we had fun./ but when was time to get in there: we did. Good luck to all that apply...

  • Courtney Larson, Eastern College Graduate

    I loved this school so much. Everyone is like family, and they treat you so well! The teachers are all so loving and helping!

  • Isabel Martinez, Eastern College Student

    Great school! Instructors are wonderful and clearly happy to do what they are doing. Very informative... looking forward to life after graduation.

  • Shawanda Wilson, Eastern College Graduate

    This is a great school. I graduated in 2014.. All the instructor were great. But Ms. Bundy lord I will never forget her...